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At Heaton Legal Group, we provide knowledgeable business law representation to clients from Las Vegas to Salt Lake City. With more than fifty years of combined experience, our lawyers have helped hundreds of businesses and individuals effectively address their legal needs in a timely and cost-effective manner.

“Heaton Fontano worked closely with us on various transactions and settlements that were all concluded efficiently and favorably for all involved. Their responsiveness, breadth of knowledge on a wide range of subjects, and experienced-based perspective quickly made Heaton Fontano a preferred partner for our business.”

Lucky Dragon Hotel & Casino

David Jacoby, COO

“William Heaton has been my personal and business attorney for many years. He is an extremely knowledgeable attorney that has always provided me with excellent service and sound advice. I’m happy to say that as my attorney, he looks out for my best interest. I’m grateful to have him as my attorney and proud to call him my friend.”

Ohana Adult Care

Demita Smith, Owner & Administrator

“No question, the best general business attorney in Las Vegas! We have been using Will Heaton for nearly two decades with everything related to business transactional, litigation, and civil law matters. Not only does he represent me with my very best interest in mind, but also gives a straightforward and honest view of the concern from a legal standpoint. He will always tell you the truth and state the facts even if it’s something unfavorable. Furthermore, he responds to issues very quickly and keeps in constant communication throughout the entire matter. I highly recommend Will Heaton for any legal needs!”

DWG International, Inc

Corey Yanke, President

“William Heaton has represented us and our business for more than 30 years. He is professional, thorough and always responsive when we need him. We wholeheartedly recommend.”

Holman Security Corporation

Gary & Isabelle Holman

“I have known Will Heaton as a close friend and my attorney for many years and he has stayed my close friend and attorney for many years. In today’s business and legal environment, that is a testament of Will’s character and ability. Will has always kept a level head and let reason and good judgement lead his recommendations. Too many lawyers are happy to spend your dollars on the wrong path. Will has always kept my best interests and wellbeing as the primary focus of his work. If society had more attorneys like Will Heaton, we would need less Attorneys!”

Prestige Electric

Larry K. Long, CEO

James Fontano is serving as the Probate Commissioner at the Eighth Judicial District Court and is no longer practicing with the firm.